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      Due to the harsh working environment, spacecraft satellites, high-voltage motors, locomotive traction motors, deep well submersible pump motors, and metallurgical motors have stricter requirements on cable performance. Such as high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, radiation resistance and high temperature self-adhesive peaks and other properties. Polyimide F46 film has the characteristics of good heat resistance, thin and uniform insulation thickness, good sealing performance, etc., thereby improving the moisture resistance, electrical performance and resistance to cut-through of the wire. Because the F46 film has good flexibility, the insulation layer is intact and has no cracking when the wire is bent. It is suitable for the H-class and F-class motor windings. The thickness of the inter-turn insulation is reduced by about 1/3 compared with the thickness of the double-wire enameled wire. The thermal conductivity is good and shrinks. Motor volume, improve motor performance